The first lesson with comprehensive and simple content

Learning any language is inseparable from listening, speaking, reading and writing. Usually, the general tutorials are introduced a lot at the beginning, and then learn separately.

Without talking nonsense to introduce the benefits of Chinese, let’s start directly.

Writing animation of the word “one” in Chinese. 一 yī
You have learned to write your first Chinese character. Fortunately, its pronunciation is almost the English letter E. So,Congratulations to you for learning your first Chinese character.

Numbers are the easiest and best way to get started. Continue learning number two and number three .

Writing animation of the word “two” in Chinese. 二 èr

Writing animation of the word “three” in Chinese. 三 sān
Maybe you have seen something strange, 一 [ yī ],二 [ èr ],三 [ sān ], This is the Chinese Pinyin used to learn to read Chinese characters and speak Chinese. The Chinese child must learn it in the first few years of school. Because after learning it, you can read all the Chinese characters and speak Mandarin.

Now you have two options to continue .One is to learn the word “four”, and the other is to learn Chinese Pinyin.

learn the word “four”
learn Chinese Pinyin
Relax to choose, they are all must be learned, and will return to the same destination.

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There are a total of 3,500 commonly used words in modern Chinese issued by the State Education Commission. By computer sampling testing, the coverage of commonly used words in the language material reached 99.48%, mastering the common words to achieve the basic requirements of the use of Chinese.

A 12-year-old qualified elementary school graduate probably knows about 3,000 Chinese characters. The number of Chinese characters mastered by Chinese language majors is about 6000. The number of Chinese characters in the general dictionary is about 10,000. The number of Chinese characters in the professional dictionary is about 50,000 . The number of dictionaries with the most Chinese characters included is about 16,000.

But in fact, less than 2000 Chinese characters are commonly used in daily life. The goal of our course is about 2000 Chinese characters. Easy to read the news and talk to Chinese. Link: List of common words in modern Chinese.

Individual Chinese characters form phrases,Phrases form sentences by grammar. The good news is that Chinese grammar is very simple, and the bad news is that the amount of memory required for Chinese phrases is huge. Even highly educated Chinese often don’t write or can’t remember how to say a word.

There is no end to learning.